Parking is a daily challenge for Jersey City Residents. If you support "sweeping" reform to Jersey City's parking rules - #ProjectSTREET, please consider signing my petition.


Council President Lavarro has an unparalleled legislative record that demonstrates his commitment to Jersey City’s working families.  Councilman Lavarro co-sponsored Jersey City’s living wage ordinance with then Councilman (now Mayor) Steven Fulop, which boosted the minimum pay for low-wage workers in city-owned and some city–leased buildings and in certain developments.  The Council President is a vocal proponent of the Fight For 15 campaign to boost minimum wage in New Jersey.  He sponsored legislation establishing and expanding earned sick days, which provides paid sick time for most people working in Jersey City.  The Council President also enacted wage theft protection, protecting workers of Jersey City businesses against unscrupulous employees. Additionally, the Council President’s accomplishments include legislation enabling farmers markets, banning smoking in City parks, and establishing the first Immigrant Affairs Commission in the state of New Jersey. (more)

(not-so) Fun Fact: The JC Library sends email reminders when books are overdue, but the City doesn’t do the same for parking tickets 🤔’s time we fix that. Check out my #ProjectSTREET plan and sign…

#ProjectSTREET – Parking, Petition

There's 162,000 reasons why Jersey City should reduce street sweeping from 4x per-week, to 2x per-week (once on each side). If you're with me on this, consider signing my petition. Check out my plan: #ProjectSTREET…

#ProjectSTREET – Parking, Petition